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We are rockhounds, lapidary hobbyist, collectors and jewelers sharing and promoting rock hobbies. Our galleries are filled with specimens, rough rock, and finished jewelry for sale. Please visit
each gallery by clicking Browse this Gallery. If you are a rock hobbyist and would like to start a retail gallery
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Featured Products
Elizabethan Petrified Wood
A beautiful slab of Elizabethan petrified wood from Color...
$ 24.00
Tempskya (fossil fern tree) 30.5
Made from Rare Tempskya collected in Wyoming, great vascu...
$ 30.00
Large 10 inch Tri-flow Obsidian
Very nice and large slab of tri-flow obsidian, soilid wit...
$ 24.00
Brazilan Agate Wrap
A beautiful agate freeform with interesting banding and n...
$ 43.00
Chrysocolla Wrap
The interplay of color offered by Chrysocolla often cross...
$ 35.00
Jasper Pillar
Pictured Jasper. Wrap silver filled, gold colored round.
$ 15.00
Mookaite Cabochon wrap
Marvelous Mook Jasper from Australia; multicolored gem wi...
$ 35.00
Clear Agate
Clear Agate wrap is filled silver wire. Stone found in so...
$ 25.00
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Retail Galleries
Michael Miller
Updated On: Nov 24, 2016
Total items: 63
The webmaster of RockHobbies.com. Michael is an archeologist specializing in ston...
Chris Dunlap
Updated On: May 08, 2016
Total items: 12
Gallery Re-Launch!!! I live in southwest Wyoming and I have been collecting r...
Alex Moreda
Updated On: Sep 10, 2013
Total items: 27
My name is Alex Moreda. Living in southwest Ohio I have the blessing of collectin...
Jeff Capron
Updated On: Sep 17, 2010
Total items: 42
digger/diver of fossils and artifacts for over 25 years. Collect coral and native...
cliff carney
Updated On: Jun 10, 2010
Total items: 2
Rocks, slabs, spalls, gems, minerals, fossils, I like them all. I have a large qu...